The Heart of Between Horses & Humans Volunteers

Volunteer1Between Horses and Humans is all about teaching leadership through horsemanship, changing lives and healing hearts.  The volunteers at BHH all have such incredible kindness and compassion – they are the heart of the program.  While each volunteer is unique and has different gifts and talents, there are certain qualities that all BHH volunteers share.

BHH volunteers are not about recognition and public acknowledgement.  They volunteer with generosity and joy, and they look forward to their time with the kids and the horses.  They recognize the blessing that comes to them from being a part of life transformation.  BHH President Barbara Slade says, “One of the reasons we are so unique is that our people are so humble and kind, and we attract such positive energy.  These people are so respectful of the children.  That’s my number one thing – to give the child respect.”

The BHH program is all about teaching and guiding children without taking away their being or sense of self.  Adults teach, share, and direct, but they do it in such a way as to never make the child feel inferior.  Barbara says, “My joy with this program is that I get to listen to these kids.  They know what they’re feeling.  As an adult I get to listen and discern what they’re saying and feeling.  Maybe they need someone to interject.  Maybe they just need to be heard.  I listen first, then share and direct.”

BHH volunteers avoid saying, “Do it this way” in relation to a problem or issue.  Instead they say “In my opinion…”  They always give the child a choice as to whether they take the suggestion or not.  And in case you were wondering, you can’t lie to a child or a horse!  Volunteers are honest.

The heart of BHH volunteers is the heart of the program.  Our volunteers are humble, kind, generous, honest, and compassionate.  They bring a very special energy to what they do and how they interact with the children.  They are the perfect ingredient in the BHH recipe for changing lives and healing hearts.

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Compassion Alive and Well – May Gala Event a Huge Success

“When we are motivated by compassion and wisdom, the results of our actions benefit everyone, not just our individual selves or some immediate convenience. When we are able to recognize and forgive ignorant actions of the past, we gain strength to constructively solve the problems of the present.”

Dalai Lama XIV

On May 28, 2016 Between Horses and Humans (BHH) was reminded that compassion is most definitely alive and well.  Through the generosity and compassion of the Wild Rose Inn in Genoa, Nevada, BHH supporters, friends, family and volunteers, the First Annual BHH May Gala raised approximately $14,000.  The entire proceeds will go directly to the operation of the BHH program to help at-risk and struggling youth of Douglas County and surrounding areas.

Dave and Jeannette Bostedt, the owners of the Wild Rose Inn, along with their daughter Sierra, have been so compassionate.  They have done so much to make the May Gala a success.  They not only put in countless hours preparing, arranging, and organizing, but they also got their family members and friends (many from the Bay area) involved.   There are far too many activities and contributions to mention specifically.  Needless to say it takes a phenomenal amount of effort to bring together an event such as the BHH May Gala.

Wine Cabinet1Dave created a wine cabinet from old barn wood & chicken wire for the wine raffle – it was an amazing piece of art.  Jeannette rented tents and set up the location.  Sierra coordinated flyers and ticket sales, and helped with all kinds of preparations.  Jeannette’s friends baked delicious, beautiful desserts.  Their families traveled long distances to attend.  Many of their friends and family donated wine.

The event was spectacular.  About 70 guests were in attendance, dressed in their finest garb.  Men wore dress pants and suit jackets, and ladies wore elegant dresses.  There were even some dashing gentlemen in tuxedos.  Guests were excited for the opportunity be manly or ladylike in an elegant, beautiful setting. Dancing1There was a lot of velvet on display.  BHH President Barbara Slade wore a full velvet skirt-jacket combination and velvet gloves, and she was grateful for the extra warmth because it was 43 degrees that night with a very chilly wind and even some light rain at times.  But the weather didn’t deter anyone – it simply gave everyone an excellent excuse to dance to the sounds of the band Mixed Company!

The three tents Jeannette had rented were put together to make one large tent, and the heaters (also kindly rented by the Bostedts) helped with warmth too.  The tents had two clear sides so guests got to appreciate Settingthe beautiful terraced gardens on the grounds of the Wild Rose Inn.  The fresh rain meant the garden was simply radiant.  It was a perfect setting to enjoy the wonderful meal catered by Ron Benedetti.  Tables were sponsored by the Wild Rose Inn and Maddi’s Friesian Ranch.

The wine auction was the talk of the evening.  Dave’s wine cabinet was filled with wine, all of which was donated for the event.  Guests could buy an old style key for $10 to participate in the raffle.   JeysThroughout the evening the MC would give each person an opportunity to open the locks of the wine cabinet.  The person who opened first lock won the top shelf of wine and so on for each of the three shelves. Each key came with an elegant, handmade tag showing the BHH logo and a picture or saying.  The keys made a great memento, even if the guest didn’t win any wine.  This event was fun for everyone, and contributed almost $800 to the fundraising efforts.

SpeechFour of the BHH program participants attended the gala, and three of them spoke.  It was an excellent opportunity for the children to speak from their hearts about what BHH means to them.  It was also an opportunity for the guests to see first hand how their contribution was being used to change the lives of young people.

The event was sponsored by the Wild Rose Inn, Smiths Food and Drug Store in Gardnerville, Maxton, Debbie Hemphill, and Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, as well as many other individuals.  The Record-Courier ran an article and included the event in their calendar throughout May.  The compassion and love of so many was on display in all aspects of the Gala.

All of the volunteers and participants contributed to the event’s success with a joyful heart and upbeat enthusiasm.  It was such a great way to give back to BHH & make a difference while enjoying a fabulous evening.  The first year of any fundraising event can be difficult and one never knows precisely what to expect.  It is safe to say this year’s event provided an excellent platform from which to launch this annual gala.  There’s no doubt the attendees will be back for more next year and will tell all their friends not to miss out.   As Barbara Slade says, “If you change the life of one child, it’s brilliant.  You were in service and you’ve done enough.  But we have the ability to change the lives of so many, which is such a blessing.”

BHH wishes to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who made the May Gala such a blessing!  You are proof-positive that compassion is alive and well.

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Black Tie Benefit Gala at the Wild Rose Inn

Between Horses and Humans is about to benefit from the generosity and kindness of the Wild Rose Inn and supporters old and new.  The First Annual Black Tie Benefit Gala will be held this weekend at the Wild Rose Inn in Genoa, Nevada.

Wild Rose InnDave and Jeannette Bostedt have been the owners and innkeepers of the Wild Rose Inn since February 2013.  They are experts at servicing their guests’ needs in their modern Victorian Bed & Breakfast nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  While their guests are out enjoying the beauty of the Carson Valley including golf, skiing, hiking, or soaking in mineral hot springs, Dave and Jeannette are making sure home comforts are waiting upon their return.

Jeannette’s daughter Sierra was busy pursuing her education at The Academy of Arts in San Francisco while Dave and Jeannette grew their Inn to what it is today.  As business owners, Dave and Jeannette were naturally involved in their local community of Genoa, Nevada. When Sierra recently returned from San Francisco to pursue an Anthropology degree at the University of Nevada – Reno, she and Jeannette wanted to get involved in the local community together.  They wanted to find a non-profit they believed in, one that touched their heart and spoke to their values.  Jeannette loves the concept of leadership: she has been involved with leadership and education her whole life (she’s held senior positions in education and training in the medical device and health service industries).

After conducting their research and considering several organizations to support, the mother-daugher team discovered Between Horses and Humans (BHH) during a showcase for CASA members.  318946_176918009050492_2018583905_nThey saw the BHH program’s youth working with the horses, saw Ruth and Greg’s beautiful friesians, and spoke at length with Barbara Slade, BHH President.  They quickly realized their values aligned with those of BHH, and were very excited at the prospect of supporting the program.

Sierra, Jeannette and Dave subsequently attended several other BHH events including the annual fall fundraiser in October 2015.  Realizing the fantastic resource they had available in the Wild Rose Inn, the family decided they wanted to contribute to the future of the program by hosting a different kind of fundraiser: one that would attract new interest.  The Black Tie Benefit Gala was born.

This Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 6pm the first annual Black Tie Benefit Gala for Between Horses and Humans will be held at the Wild Rose Inn, 2332 Main Street, Genoa, Nevada.  Friends and family of Between Horses and Humans, The Wild Rose Inn, Jeannette and Dave Bostedt, Sierra, Ruth Page and Greg Walsh, Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, and leadership, horsemanship, lives changed, and hearts healed will gather for a cocktail hour, gourmet dinner and dancing to the sounds of Mixed Company.  The evening will include fun auctions and events including a “fund a need” action, painting auction, and a unique opportunity to “unlock” and take home a wine collection.

The Benefit Gala will be an elegant, fun-filled way to support the youth of Douglas County and the surrounding area while experiencing the beauty and comfort of the Wild Rose Inn.  Purchase your tickets for this event here.  If you are unable to attend please consider making a donation through the ticket purchase link.  Thank you for your support of Between Horses and Humans – lives changed, hearts healed.

Thank You to Ruth Page and Greg Walsh

Ruth Page and Greg Walsh opened their hearts and home to Between Horses and Humans in the fall of 2013. Since that time, I have had to pinch myself several times over. For all of us involved in the Between Horses and Humans program, from students to instructors, the move to Maddi’s Friesian Ranch in Gardnerville, NV is a dream come true!

It is so rare to meet people who are genuinely “real and true”, so unconditionally generous, kind, helpful and truly involved in: “Changing Lives and Healing Hearts.”

Maddi’s Friesian Ranch started in 2007 and is the largest Friesian breeder in North America. KFPS (the registry in Holland) has named Maddi’s Friesian Ranch as the number one breeder in North America every year since the award started in 2012!

Located in Gardnerville, Nevada, Maddi’s Friesian Ranch sits at the base of the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains – just a few minutes away from the south side of Lake Tahoe. Our program horses have 177 acres and plenty of pasture area so they can get out and be horses!

Everyone who is a part of Between Horses and Humans would like to thank Ruth Page and Greg Walsh. We wish them all the success with their breeding operation that they have brought to Between Horses and Humans!

With much appreciation,

Barbara Slade