raschalBarbara Slade has known Rascal since she was born.  She bred her parents – Rascal’s father was the successful racehorse Riverman.  Rascal is 17 now, and is affectionately known as “The Princess”.  She is beautiful, elegant, positive, and very easy to be around.  Rascal was owned by a woman Barbara knew.  She was bought and trained in dressage, but Rascal just wasn’t taking to it the way she was expected to.  The former owner generously donated her to Between Horses and Humans in May 2009, when she became the second horse BHH owned (Freddie was the first).  The Board of Directors, parents, and participants of BHH have been in love with her ever since. (was friends with the original owner).

When Barbara speaks of Rascal, she has nothing but praise and adoration.  “She has no flaws”, Barbara says of the pretty, gentle horse.  When Rascal was first used for the program she was a little fussy, but that didn’t last for long.  Soon she was captivated by the children, and seemed to know her role as the gentle partner.

059At BHH the children get to choose which horse they work with.  Early on in the program they are encouraged to use a wide variety of horses, but after a while children tend to gravitate towards a particular horse.  Many children choose to work with Rascal because she is so easy-going and nurturing.  She quickly convinces them that large animals are OK – she removes the fear and intimidation many children experience simply because of the size difference between them and their horse.  Children blossom with Rascal.

Rascal BW1Rascal is loving, kind, upbeat and positive.  She truly is BHH royalty.  Her laid back, happy demeanor says, “Life is good!”  She encourages gratefulness, and gives children the freedom to be themselves, make mistakes, and be forgiven.  She doesn’t challenge or ignore the students – don’t let her name fool you.  She is an excellent first horse, even though she came to the program second.  We could all use a little more beauty, kindness and love – by horse or human.  Incorporate more “Rascal” into your day today.

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