376353_338953322846959_1475541813_nSilver was a four foot hunter in the competitive showjumping world. His name was Silver Strand – he was extremely successful at the large horse shows. He won at the top level, beating the highest competing horses.  Silver came to Between Horses and Humans through President Barbara Slade’s former client.  That client purchased Silver, and also Mo & Freddie.  She bought him later in life – he was 12 at the time.

When Silver was first purchased he was disinterested in the hunter style. Fortunately his new owner wasn’t keen on that style either, so with Barbara’s help she turned Silver into a jumper.  He became involved in jumping competitions – these are events timed for speed as seen in the Olympics.  He loved it and was so much happier.

Silver & Mo retired together at the former client’s ranch.  Subsequently the owners of that ranch invited BHH to use their facilities for the program.  That was when Silver was introduced to working with the children of BHH – his owner kindly allowed the program to use him.  When BHH moved to Maddi’s Friesian Ranch in 2013 they just brought Freddie & Rascal.

377772_201780509897575_814459424_nThe owners donated Silver to BHH in August 2014 where he’s been for almost two years now.  Silver is a class act. He is a very special horse.  He is intelligent and very regal.  He has learned to work with the children of the program, and understands that it is okay to work with children.  At first Silver wasn’t sure that he wanted to come out of retirement – he seemed to have grown accustomed to relaxing and just being out in the field.  However he quickly overcame his initial hesitation and decided that working with the kids was worth it.  He made the transition from top competitive horse to changing childrens lives.

016At 17 hands Silver is a BIG horse.  It’s hilarious because every tiny child who comes to the program undoubtedly wants to work with Silver.  They make for a fantastic profile… a tiny figure aback a giant horse.  Silver is very dependable, which is probably why small children gravitate towards him.  He would never harm a child – kids just love him.

Today Silver is very healthy and he looks great. BHH is a good balance for him – there are 8 horses so no single horse gets overworked. He gets lots of treats and frequent bodywork.  Semi-retirement is a good thing for Silver at BHH. Massages, good food, a healthy lifestyle, great pasture, and just the right amount of attention.  May we all be so fortunate in our own semi-retirement!

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