In Loving Memory of Mo

A message from BHH President Barbara Slade:

May 8, 2017:
It is with a heavy, broken heart that I write you to share the sorrowful news of the passing of our precious, loving, kind pony Mo today at the age of 24.
Mo will be greatly missed and has been an angel to so many.  Please share this new with your child so they are not shocked when they come to the barn for their lesson.  We will help as much as possible with their grieving process.
Maybe they can write a poem, or draw a picture of Mo, or a painting, or write a story and bring to the barn to share.
Mo was so so special.


Below is Mo’s Bio from the “Meet the Horses” page:



Darling little Mo is only small in stature, being a dark bay female pony of 14’2 hands and 21 years old, but she is big in so many ways like in giving love and nurturing to all the children who are fortunate enough to spend some time with her. She was a competitive jumper pony who came home from most shows with Grand Championship ribbons. She loved her job of jumping but not in comparison to her time frolicking with children.


Please leave a comment on this page if you would like to share a message about Mo and what she meant to you.