Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Required Modification

As part of the Special Use Permit BHH is required to ensure the facilities at Maddi’s Friesian Ranch are ADA compliant.  While the program serves only able-bodied children, the regulations require proper compliance.  BHH would like to extend our deep appreciation to all the people who are rallying, contributing, and organizing for BHH to receive the necessary concrete and labor to pour a parking pad and create a ramp to access the arena.  It is incredibly moving to see a community coming together to solve a problem in a way that doesn’t detract from the program, and doesn’t take essential funds away from changing lives and healing hearts.  Thank you!

Special Use Permit

BHH would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the following donors for their incredibly generous donations to help fund the special use permit:

BHH Kiwanis* Kiwanis – $500

* Ruth Page and Greg Walsh – $600

* Susan and Larry Lippman – $250