Donations can be made online below or checks mailed to:
Between Horses and Humans
P.O Box 6459
Gardnerville, Nevada 89460

Thank you for your generous donation!

 All donations are welcome and no donation is too small!

100% of all donations  (except credit card processing fees) go directly to operating the program.  Donations may be tax-deductible pursuant to the provisions of Sec 170.c. of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C. 170.c

Make a general donation or sponsor the following:


Six week Leadership course (per child) $430.00
Four week Leadership course – up to 8 children $500.00
Two Hour Specialty Workshop by Professional Clinician $470.00
Four Hour Seminar with Guest Speaker $400.00

Fund a Need

Grain for one horse – $25 per month, $300 per year
Vitamins & Supplements for one horse – $50 per month, $600 per year
Tack maintenance for one horse – $25 per month, $300 per year
Winter Bedding for one horse – $40 per month
Shoeing (farrier) for one horse – $50 bi-monthly, $300 per year
Vaccines for one horse – $180 semi-annually, $360.00
Medical/Dental care for one horse – $200 per month, $2400 per year
Total care for one horse (all of the above) $395 per month, $4,740 per year        

 “On behalf of Between Horses and Humans, I would like to thank you for your support and belief in our mission to help the children of our community.”

Barbara Slade, President

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